There are so many posts that decry cars being made without a MT. Then people post and defend robotized manuals.

We've seen good posts about why car companies don't create a MT option if the demand isn't there. We understand the business behind the decisions.


What I don't understand is why everyone argues about which transmission is better. I'd like to state that I think the truth is clear, and it's seldom discussed: THERE IS NO WINNER

Each type of transmission is objectively better and worse in some areas. And each has traits that are subjective as well. So it's impossible for anyone to say one is the best and the other is for the uninformed. It's like men debating on whether they prefer blondes or red heads. Each person has a right a prefer one of the other. And some people like both, which is totally fine. And while marrying two women is illegal in most places there is no law against owning more than one car, so if you can afford it buy one of each and bless Merica for being a place where sports cars are not marked up to death as they are in many countries.


I love sports cars and sports sedans. I currently own 3.5 of them. One has a MT. Two have a single clutch sequential gearbox. One has a DCT. I love them all and wish the rest of the world would give each a chance and not bash whichever transmission they don't have. Can't we all agree that they're all good and better than a slush box???

Here is my list of areas where each transmission type beats out the other:

Stick Shift:
+Much, much, much cheaper to maintain. A clutch job on a DCT is more expensive than a regular MT.
+Much, Much, much, MUCH cheaper to replace. God forbid a DCT fail on you after your warranty is up. So a regular MT wins every time if the car you are buying is one you want to keep for years or decades.
+More "feel" than a modern DCT. Some of the single clutch transmissions were fun because they could really give you a jolt when accelerating hard. But a DCT can feel sterile. Rowing your own does make you feel more connected to the car.
+The MT can help you avoid tickets as it's more fun to put around town and not go way over the speed limit when you're rowing your own gears. It gives you something to do and think about other than outright speed. Sometimes if I'm really having trouble following the laws I'll do thinks like skip gears or rev high before shifting just to keep my mind occupied.
+Many car thieves have been thwarted by MTs.
+You can do fun things like let your car roll backwards on a hill or rev in neutral. Silly I know, but just kind of fun to have full control over the car instead of letting the computers dictate what you can and can't do.


Single or Dual Clutch Automated Manual Transmissions:
+Let's face it, they are faster. If you're going to race on a track and put a lot of time into honing your skills you'll eventually get good enough to benefit from the faster shift times. And you'll be able to keep both hands on the wheel if you're driving anything other than a Ferrari since most car companies have wheel mounted paddles that move with your hands.
+Most modern DCTs get better gas mileage than the MT counterpart (if there is one) because they usually have an extra gear, and can consistently upshift sooner when driving at a slow or moderate pace. It's hard for the human mind to beat a computer and time all shifts perfectly for fuel economy when not driving hard for fun.
+No clutch pedal is better if your commute to work involves heavy stop and go traffic.
+If you don't have a left foot or have an injured left foot that can't handle the clutch pedal then it's good to have paddle shifters.
+It is nice to have the option to drive in auto mode if you are late to work and have to buy coffee on the way in or take coffee with you. Even if you put your drink in a cup holder it's good to have the option to take it out and balance it if Starbucks filled it up too much. A modern DCT is more practical for day to day life.
+Perfectly rev matched downshifts are fun, especially if you have an engine that gives you an exhaust bark.

So I say to you all - don't hate one or the other. Buy them both. I think MTs will always be around, especially in certain cars that don't have a DCT option due to cost. Buying a car with a DCT doesn't make you a bad person. Just please minimize the purchasing of cars with slushboxes. And if you bought a car with a CVT please schedule an appointment with a therapist.

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